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Pubs in Town is produced by the same team that created Lemonrock, a successful and established UK live music gig guide.

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Editor's Blog
Pubs in Town Editor's blog

New31 May 2022 It's funny. The Queen had only been reigning for 48 years when Lemonrock burst from its creator's loins (well, his mind, perhaps. Or fingers).

What has Lilibet done in the last 22 years? Well, she definitely didn't write a music website or a pub app.

So now that we're celebrating all things red, white and blue, it cannot fail to amuse us that these are the predominant colours of Pubs in Town, our brand new sister app to Lemonrock that does everything that other pub apps tried to do. Blue markers on a white map, with red badges to indicate the totals for the area you're looking at: how many pubs, events and search results from your filter.

I didn't design Pubs in Town to coincide with or complement Her Majesty's Big Event. But I have to admit that the timing is perfect: what better way for our nation's pubs to get their bank holiday events promoted to their local customers (and tourists!)... and with a free 14-day trial that no Corgi would sniff at, Pubs in Town is a Right Royal Success already!


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